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The Last WiFi Booster You'll Ever Need
Blaze Wifi - Dual Antenna
WiFi Booster

Blaze Wifi uses next-gen technology to massively boost internet speed and WiFi signals like never before,
giving you blistering fast speeds across every room of your house.

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Eliminate WiFi And Internet Issues
Blaze Wifi - 10x Your Internet

See why Blaze Wifi is the one device that can instantly solve all your internet troubles.

5 Bars of Wifi
In Every Room

Maximum signal from your top bedroom to your back garden.

Lightning Fast Download Speeds

Stream, download, video call and browse like never before.

No More Deadspots or Wifi Dropouts

Round the clock connectivity across your whole home

Simple, 60 Second Setup

Just plug it in and press connect for instantly faster internet

Low Energy Consumption

A-grade energy efficiency that won't bump up your bills


Low-profile design fits directly into any electrical socket

Multi WiFi Device Compatible

  • Mobile
  • PC/Mac
  • Console
  • Smart Bulbs
  • Smart Camera
  • Smart Plug
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4X Faster Than Any Other WiFi Booster
Blaze Wifi vs The Competition

See why Blaze Wifi has the clear performance edge when compared to other leading WiFi boosters.

  • Wi-Fi Antenna
  • WiFi4 Tech Stack
  • WiFi Band
  • WiFi Transmission
  • Voltage Protection

Blaze Wifi

  • 2
  • 300


  • 2
  • 300


  • 1
  • 300
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Why Blaze Wifi Delivers
Breakthrough Technology

Blaze Wifi sets the gold standard when it comes to home internet technology

  • WiFi4 Network Transmission

    Blaze Wifi's DUO-antenna exponentially increases the speed at which data is relayed.

  • BeamForce Download Booster

    High-intensity transponders transmit your data at lightning speeds.

  • High-Wavelength Penetration

    Sensors transmit signal seamlessly through walls, ceilings and floors

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Ultra-Fast Internet In Just 60 Seconds
Simple 3-Step Setup

Set up in seconds - it's never been easier to boost your speeds and signal strength!

No Tech Jargon - No Wires To Connect - No Manual To Read
Just Plug & Play To Enjoy High Speed WiFi

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!
Read What Others Have to Say About Blaze Wifi

Thousands of happy customers are using Blaze Wifi to skyrocket their internet speeds across
every room in their home. See for yourself!


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"Great Product. It really increases the Wi-Fi signal throughout the house. My modem is in my basement so the signal in my room is very weak. The extender lets me get full bars upstairs. I would recommend to anyone if you have weak signal in different parts of your house. It is also very easy to set up and manage the devices connected to the extender. "

Doug G.- Memphis, TN

Verified Buyer


"Fantastic! My neighbours cottage let me use their wifi, but signal was only available near edge of property and very weak (1 bar). I bought this to extend their network to my whole lot. Setup was very very simple. I plugged it in where signal was only 1 bar, and i now have 5 bars 100-125ft into my property. It's recommended to place this where there is already a decently strong signal, but it's working for me fine. I think if you have 1 bar, but it's stable and stays connected, it's fine. I'm a very happy! "

Brooke K.- Orlando, FL

Verified Buyer


"This little gadget fixed my internet and I am so glad. I live in a 3 story house + a basement and the router was at the first floor. I use to have around 50 mbps up and down and would randomly go bad in my room (im on the third floor) I was gonna purchase a 400$ gaming router to fix it but decided to give this a try and thx god I did. It made my 50mbps to a 300mbps download and 80mbps upload. Would recommend to anyone looking for a cheap option "

Mark P.- Garden City, MI

Verified Buyer

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